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dinsdag 23 september 2014

Maart 27 2014 Nieuws over Cleo: haar oog al genezen, nu schurftproblemen

Maart 27 2014 Nieuws over Cleo: haar oog al genezen, nu schurftproblemen

Esperanza heeft besloten voor Cleo in Nederland een huisje te zoeken,
als haar conditie goed genoeg is. Hieronder bericht van Carmen uit Boekarest

Today I went to another doctor with Cleo. After examination with
special apparatus eye doctor said the first words were:
''Cleo’s eye will heal'' The diagnosis is Keratitis, this means a disorder
of the eye probably due to a trauma. Now the treatment must be
intensified: 6 times a day with Cornelegel, alternating with another
treatment with Cavasan with antibiotic and Vitamin A.
Tuesday i must to go to the same clinic to take a different and more
complex reasearch.
The doctor herself would not recommend anyone to make any eye
surgery in animals. We don’t have in Romania specialists for eye
surgery of animals. The doctor hopes that 99% will not need surgery
and eye treatment will cure intense and sustained.

The good news is that after only two days of intensive treatment
eye began to pull that white film that can be seen in the pictures
with Cleo. So eye will heal.

The bad news is that Cleo's body skin is much affected by
demodecee. Today I redid the doctoranalyze skin glass leather
and fur. Diagnosis is demodecee. That means mange and is
due to low immunity and a microbe where Cleo have stayed
on the field .
The doctor recommended complete trimming fur, anointing the body
skin with special solution and medicine pills after a strict medical schemes.
Tomorrow I go to the clinic for trimming all fur , also for special solution
for skin and drugs (Ivermectina) .

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