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donderdag 11 september 2014

Oktober 23 2013 Berichten van Fenna van 26 september

Oktober 23 2013  Berichten van Fenna van26 september

Hello to all friends of Fenna,
I just wanted to tell you the latest news about my lovely foster dog.
First of all- she is doing very well. The scar is healing perfectly and no further problems
will occur so far. The hair is growing and it is itching.
The leg is not swollen any more and yesterday for the first time she decided to sleep in her own
"bed" again, performing her funny positions.
She is rather hungry all the time, but I have to be careful as her stomach is very sensitive and
immediately after the OP she vomited several times. It is getting better now step by step and
she won`t starve..We go for a walk every day. We started doing so very carefully and only
10 minutes in the beginning but now we take a 30 minutes walk already. She started to use
the leg right from the beginning and now she uses it all the time and even tries to run, but as
I put a leash on her she only can walk- and sometimes she is very unhappy being treated as a dog...
It takes at least two months to recover completely and she has to be patient until she gets
a flexi-leash to have more free space. At the moment it is the garden to run free.
She is such a friendly and happy dog, content to be here, willing to learn how things go on in
our household. Our other dogs take care of her, watch and protect her- she is the "little one"
with this bad leg and they tolerate everything- I am proud of my pride of elderly dogs.
I am glad that everything is going to be allright and I will keep you informed!

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